Angry customer throws ‘under-seasoned’ fries

ATLANTA, Ga. -- "Inappropriate. Wrong. It wasn't that serious."

It's a video that has people wondering what was this customer thinking.

"That's not an adult thing to do period."

The irate customer at the Zaxby's tossed not one, but two take out containers filled with food over the counter towards employees. After tossing the food, the woman then damaged the computer monitor.

It all began last Friday when police said the woman paid for two take out orders, left and then returned within 30 seconds with a man. They argued with the manager about the food.

"The french fries did not have enough seasoning salt on them," said Det. Stefan Schindler with the Clayton County Police.

The couple claimed the food wasn't prepared correctly. That's when the woman took her anger out on the food and the computer monitor.

"Management advised that there were several cuss words that were thrown out."

Now police are searching for the woman.