Utah school installs showers, laundry area for homeless students

Think Stock Photo

SALT LAKE CITY — A school in Salt Lake City is doing what it can to help homeless students put their best foot forward.

According to KSTU, East High School has approximately 50 to 100 children who don’t have access to a washing machine or even a shower on a daily basis.

Principal Greg Maughan said everyone at his school has the right to be clean, and that’s why they installed two new washrooms with all the amenities.

Students are allowed to use the facilities before, during and even after school.

“It’s to feel like they fit in, to feel like they are part of something, and they don’t stand out,” Maughan said. “And the more likely they are to attend, the more likely they are to succeed in class, to graduate and to move on to college and a career.”

The facilities will officially open next week.