Fires sparked at several homes on South Reese Street due to power surge

MEMPHIS, Tenn. --Flames and smoke created an orange-tinged haze Tuesday morning as they shot through the roof of a home on South Reese Street.

But neighbor Chris Bickerstaff said the craziness didn't start with that home. A storm-induced power surge ended up sparking a blaze at a total of three homes up and down the street, he said.

"It actually sounds like a machine gun as the power surges back up the lines. It was like pzzz."

That was around 5 a.m. Tuesday morning. Pretty soon he saw firefighters on the scene battling the flames.

"It appears to have spread electronically on the exterior of the structure from the exterior power. We`re not sure the source of it," said Lt. Wayne Cooke with the Memphis Fire Deptartment.

One of the homeowners was out of town on vacation, the other was at work.