Mother of man convicted of killing a Memphis Police Officer says justice has not been served

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- "It's too may inconsistencies, too many things that are unanswered."

Trina Campbell sat in the 9-day trial and heard plenty about the day prosecutors say her son, Treveno Campbell, killed a Memphis Police Officer.

"I don't think justice was served. I don't think Treveno killed anyone and if he did it was not intentional,"  said Campbell.

She said inconsistencies and missing evidence have her questioning her son's conviction.

"For instance, bullets on the bed, bullet casings were on the bed on the blanket. Then on another picture they had there was no bullet casings there. Then you have money the they say they found, but there was no exhibit for this money."

Treveno said he was asleep when the Organized Crime Officers raided his house December 2012.
Awakened by the noise, he said he thought robbers had intruded and fired a gun to scare them off. OCU Officer Martoyia Lang was killed and a second officer was wounded.

A jury found Campbell guilty of second- degree murder and several other charges.

Trina said the jury didn't have all the information. Treveno testified he surrendered when he realized it was police, but the officer who shot Campbell, Officer Darryl Dotson, said Campbell pointed a gun at him.
A second officer, Timothy Goodwin, avoided testimony by taking the fifth.

"You have an officer that pleads the 5th who is a valid key person. You have one officer saying my son he shot him because he was pointing a gun at him. But there was an officer in the room before him with a shield that asked him to put the gun down and he did. Then you have someone that comes in after this and shoots him," said Trina.

The jury never heard about the conflicting statements. It wasn't allowed by the judge.

"So he gets charged with attempted murder, 2nd degree for the officer that shot him, both officers, but we didn't hear his testimony to see what actually happened. So it's confusing. It's mind boggling. I just don't feel justice was served," she added.

Trina has found an ally who also has questions.

"I want justice to be served. I want what actually happened to be exposed," said Darius Lang, who was Officer Lang's estranged husband.

He said he wants the killer brought to justice, but he doesn't think it's Treveno.

"I don't feel like justice been served. I think this young man life is on the line. I believe if the jury had a chance to see all the evidence in the case, it would be a different outcome for Mr. Campbell. I think he is a victim of circumstances," said Lang.

Trina is calling for the Department of Justice to get involved.

"I just want justice. I want justice. Everyone has heard the stories. They have seen the inconsistencies. We need answers. We need true answers."

Treveno's sentencing was set for Friday, though WREG has been told it will be delayed. His mother is not deterred, saying she will continue her call for higher-ups to look at this case and determine if justice has really been served.