District Attorney’s Office releases TBI files for two officer-involved shootings

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Shelby County District Attorney's Office have posted the TBI reports in the Alexio Allen and Luis Soto cases.

The files were posted on Tuesday after a Chancery Court agreed to make the TBI files open for public viewing.

In March, Alexio Allen was shot after officers said he made “irrational statements” and struggled over a rifle with his fiance and pointed it at an officer.

Allen’s sister said she called 911 because her brother was hearing voices.

Police asked if there was a weapon in the home and she was trying to give the gun to officers when Allen ran over to  her and tried to take it away and was shot.

A month later, Luis Felipe Soto was meeting his ex-wife at the Shell Flash Market in the 1700 block of Getwell Road for a custody exchange when authorities say he pulled a gun.  The woman’s fiance, Memphis Police Officer Marshall Smith, identified himself as law enforcement and ordered Soto to drop the weapon.

That’s when the officer pulled his own weapon and fired several shots. Soto died from his injuries.

No charges were filed against the officers in either case.