Elementary student alive thanks to quick-thinking classmate

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas -- "I just want to say thank you."

Ten-year-old Nik Bock now rocks a beck brace after trying to go down a slide at Adam Elementary. Nik said he was pretending to fish near the top.

"Threw the jump rope in the air like if you were on a roller coaster, you throw your hands up. I was like that, then the wind caught the jump rope, made it go around my neck. And there's little holes on it with the steps, and the handle got caught in one of them, which made me get hanged."

The fourth grader said before he knew it, he was hanging down the slide losing consciousness.

"I felt tingling. And then a few seconds later my eyes started to close, but then I was able to open one eye a little bit. Whenever he got the jump rope off, both my eyes opened wide. And at that point, it was a little hard to breathe and I had a whole bunch of tingling."

Fortunately, his friend, 9-year-old Raul Izaguirre, was just feet away on the playground.

"He went down the slide. That's when I saw it that he was choking. And that's when I went up the ladder and pulled it out the hole."

Raul didn't race over to a teacher. He acted on the spot.

"I didn't think. I just did it," he said.

"I would also be dead by the time he came back," added Nik.

"His friend, Raul, managed to get to the top of the slide and set him free," said Nik's mother, Christie. "Those precious seconds could have turned into an eternity for our family. And we're so grateful Raul jumped into action."

"He's my buddy. I would have done it for anyone," Raul said.

"Thank you."

"You're very welcome."