Caught on Camera: Thieves trash cell phone store twice

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Caught on camera!

Memphis Police say three thieves hit a Raleigh cell phone store off Austin Peay not once but twice and make off with thousands of dollars in merchandise and causing a lot of damage.

The video begins in the back a Raleigh Cricket Wireless store.

The surveillance video captures three hooded burglars make a bee-line for a safe.

With a hammer one crook repeatedly bangs on the safe, while the other two grab what they can around the room.

Realizing they’re not cracking the lock box they head to the front of the store and once again go to town on the place. They knocked down counters and grabbed what they could.

"This was like a big surprise. It was like whoa!”

Longtime employee Jessica Preciado couldn’t believe it when she saw the video.

"It was sad. It was sad to see. We’re here every day working from morning to night," she said.

She has every right to be upset. The video was from December and police believe these same three men are responsible for hitting the place back in October too! In total making off with $11,000 in goods.

"They robbed phones, cases, earphone, Bluetooth, chargers, everything," she explained.

It’s fixed now but both times the thieves hit the store they came in the same way, they made a hole in the bathroom wall and crawled through into the store.

Now Memphis Police want you to take a good look at the pictures. Maybe something will catch your eye about one man’s face or a sweatshirt, with the letters BYRD on the back. While you keep an eye out for them, Preciado also has a message for them.

"I think they don’t wanna work. They need to find them a job. They need to work hard for their things.”

If you have information call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH