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Foster mom gets big surprise after pit bull delivers pups

Stevoni Doyle has fostered hundreds of dogs in her lifetime, but what happened this past Monday was definitely a first.

Several weeks ago, Doyle decided to foster a pregnant pit bull named Grayce. The 2-year-old dog had been neglected and needed a place to stay, she told KUTV.

On Sunday, Grayce gave birth to 11 bundles of joy — 1 girl and 10 boys.

That’s when something unexpected happened.

As Doyle sat in the floor, Grayce began picking up her pups one by one, and setting them on her midwife’s lap.

“She laid on me and wanted me to love her too,” Doyle said. “She would crawl on my lap and nurse her puppies if I would let her.”

In her experience, Doyle said the new mothers usually are very protective of their litter to the point of not letting her near them despite the dog’s bond with their foster mom.

For Grayce, that wasn’t the case.

“She’s the first one that has ever brought them over and been like, ‘here you go.’”