Amtrak train hits car that tried to beat it, two hurt on Fite Road

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. -- Two people were hurt after a driver tried to beat a train and was struck at Fite Road near Millington Road, authorities said.

The impact pushed the SUV across the tracks into a vehicle on the other side. What remains of the silver Jeep Cherokee is now unrecognizable.

"I understand one person had to be extracted from the vehicle-- probably the one that was heavy is damaged which is the car that tried to cross the tracks and was hit by the train."

Investigators told WREG the Amtrak train from Chicago bound for New Orleans travels through the area everyday. The crossing lights were flashing and the safety arms were down at the time of the incident, they added.

The driver was hurt along with an innocent bystander who was obeying the law.

"He could have killed the other person on the other side because he didn't obey the law."

None of the 83 passengers on board the train were hurt.

The driver who tried to beat the train, 56-year-old Jeffrey Pearson, will be charged.

Pearson is listed in critical condition.

The driver who was hit by Pearson's car, 22-year-old Robert Frost, is in serious condition.

The train was delayed about 90 minutes, and Fite Road was closed for some time.