Man shot in Bartlett parking lot during car sale

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BARTLETT, Tenn. -- In broad daylight and on a sunny afternoon, crime scene placards litter the Towne Centre shopping center in front of the FedEx office.

"It is really sad. It is sad."

Bartlett Police said gunfire erupted around noon.

According to police Jeremiah Crotwell was selling a car in the parking lot to Robert Brooks.

bartlett-suspectThe two finished the deal and Crotwell was getting into another car when Brooks changed his mind and wanted his money back.

A police report says the two argued and Brooks fired a shot at the ground which ricocheted and hit Crotwell in the abdomen.

Witnesses say Brooks demanded two women in the other car get out.

As the women and Crotwell ran away, police say Brooks fired two more shots and hit Crotwell in the shoulder and foot.

Brooks then got in the car the women were in and drove off.

Brooks will be charged with attempted murder and carjacking, Bartlett Police said.