Man fires Nerf guns after not getting chicken nuggets

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Photo: Getty Images

GREYMOUTH, New Zealand — A man upset over not getting his chicken nuggets at a New Zealand McDonald’s took out his anger with Nerf guns.

The New Zealand Herald reported Jacob Martin Geels, 22, jumped on the counter and fired the neon-colored toy guns at a McDonald’s employee when he didn’t get his McNuggets. He then shot the bits of foam around the restaurant.

He told police he thought it would be funny.

The court wasn’t laughing.

“It was quite a scary thing to occur,” the prosecutor said, per the New Zealand Herald. “It was real for the people who were there, and they could have easily thought an armed robbery was in progress.”

The judge added Geels yelled “abusive language.”

Geels’ lawyer maintained it was just a harmless children’s toy and was a “silly thing he did,” albeit “deeply stupid.”

The judge conceded it was just a prank and Geels didn’t mean to harm anyone, so he kept the punishment to a $100 fine for disorderly behavior.