Boy with Cerebral Palsy walks thanks to his community

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A little boy now has a new tool to help him walk thanks to a generous donor and an Uber driver.

It all started when a Pre-k teacher at North Main Street School spotted a device called an Upsee on her social media feed, and suggested the physical therapist at the school try it with one of their students named Luis.

According to, an Upsee wraps around the child’s torso, keeping them upright and supported by an adult behind them. The device is just another tool which allows those with cerebral palsy to walk during physical therapy.

However, at $500 the device doesn’t come cheap.

In order to cover the costs, the teacher decided to start her own fundraiser and began sharing her idea around the school.

Unbeknownst to her, the answer was just a few doors down in the form of Dr. Yorel Browne– a substitute teacher and Uber driver.

The very next day, Dr. Browne was driving a client around, when he began sharing the story of Luis and the Upsee. Just a few minutes into the story, the rider stopped Dr. Browne and said he didn’t care how much it cost, he would pay for the device for little Luis.

He simply stated it was the right thing to do.

On Friday, one of the teachers at North Main Street School uploaded a video to YouTube of the moment when Luis was strapped into his Upsee and walked for the first time.