Fix up at Fox Hollow: What’s next for the troubled town homes?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- You know things are bad when a garbage truck is a welcomed sight.

Trash, illegal dumping, absent property owners and a defunct homeowners association are just some of the problems that have plagued residents of the Fox Hollow Town Homes.

The complex sits at Outland and Winchester in Southeast Memphis.

Patricia Rogers doesn't live there, but she's been speaking up for folks who do for a long time.

"It's been a lot going on, there are a lot of issues out here," Rogers said.

So, Rogers said she was glad to hear Environmental Court Referee John Cameron tell Code Enforcement to get a handle on the situation by citing the property owners to bring them into court.

"I'm sure they are not living like some of the residents are out here," Rogers said, regarding the property owners.

This won't be a simple task.

There are 99 units, roughly half are empty.

Code Enforcement has already inspected the properties twice.

If someone is living in a dilapidated unit, the owner will be called into court.

If it's vacant, the city will likely use the Neighborhood Preservation Act, which has more teeth to deal with absentee owners.

Rogers is just glad to see the owners finally being held accountable.

"I want to find out what they're going to do to make the living conditions better for the people they rent to."

The case goes back to Envrionmental Court Tuesday, January 24th.