Road rage leads to a shooting at a crime plagued grocery in North Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The victim's uncle described the suspects in one word.

"Cowards, that's the biggest thing they are... cowards," said Michael Young.

Young said he still doesn't understand why his nephew Brandon Morton was shot after a man hit his nephew's car on Friday in the parking of the B-52 Market on North Hollywood.

"The guy tried to squeeze in a parking space that was too small and brushed his truck against Brandon's and Brandon asked him 'Why would you try to squeeze your car in there?'" said Young.

Shortly after things took a turn for the worse.

"They exchanged words and he pulled out his gun and shot him," said Young. "He got shot in his stomach so they had to remove one of his kidneys and part of his colon."

According to Police, Morton ran down the street to get away from the shooter and flagged down police for help help.

"You should be able to exchange word differences with people without being shot," said Young.

But this isn't the first time there has been a shooting at the B-52 Market. We reported 11 shootings there last year. Three of them in December and two in November and October.

"Everybody has guns that what it seems like it boils down too," said Young. "That`s the thing, if ya'll know there are problems there do something about it."

Young suggested a couple of officers sit outside the store regularly.

"It's an easy fix. They don`t want to fix it and that`s the thing," said Young. "People need to just think about what if this was your nephew or mom somebody does this too."