Family furious after officer in viral video suspended for ten days with pay

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FORT WORTH, Texas — “Livid about the decision to give a 10 day vacation to an officer who was guilty of gross misconduct.”

Attorneys for Jaquine Craig have called for protests after news that officer Williams Martin will be suspended without pay for 10 days for his actions in a viral video.

“You would get more justice if someone kicked a dog,” said one of the attorneys.

New details in the incident report show that a neighbor first called police alleging that he was being threatened. The same neighbor that Craig said choked her son.

The report shows Officer Martin ran Craig’s name and found arrest warrants for traffic tickets, but the chief said none of that mattered.

“Neglect of duty would be one violation. Discourtesy. We felt like there was some inappropriate contact that he had to do with the females,” said Chief Joel Fitzgerald.

The chief called the 10 day suspension “substantial” and more than what was recommended by others in the department. He went on to say after some retraining he has no problem putting Martin back on the same beat in the same neighborhoods.

“I don’t have that concern. The officer doesn’t have that concern. He’s actually eager to get back out there and repair the relationships.”

“This officer was not a rookie officer. He doesn’t need additional training. This officer was a veteran who had all the training that he needed,” argued attorneys for the family.