Car crooks hit Senatobia dealerships

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SENATOBIA, Miss. -- Police say crooks are hitting Senatobia car dealerships where it hurts and driving cars straight off the lot.

Careful to move and stay covered, police say crooks by the carload are targeting the dealerships.

"They got a total of eight automobiles," Ralph Pinner said.

This isn't the first time the thieves have hit Prestige Auto Sales, swiping his cars straight from his lot.

"They picked out the best cars I had out front," added Pinner.

He said they usually cut the cameras, and trip up the alarm system, but this time a witness saw what happened. She saw the tire spinning thieves pull out of the dealership and turn toward the interstate, possibly toward Memphis.

From that tip police in Memphis and Southaven were able to work with Senatobia police to chase down the bandits. Police recovered three of the cars but the drivers bailed.

"It’s a gang out of Memphis coming out here and wiping us out," said Pinner.

Pinner said if there is a next time he guarantees cameras will catch it all.

WREG spoke with the owner of B and H Motors who also had three cars stolen on New Year's Eve. Both owners are installing back up cameras to make sure they catch the bad guys if they come back.

Call Crime Stoppers at (662) 301-1111 if your recognize them.