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DL Hughley slammed for Debbie Reynolds tweet

CBS News

NEW YORK — Comedian DL Hughley is getting some major backlash after he posted a tweet Wednesday evening following the death of actress Debbie Reynolds.

Reynold’s daughter, Carrie Fisher, passed away a day before her mother.

“Debbie Reynolds died a day after her daughter did! Black Mama’s don’t die cuz they kids do!They cry and say God don’t make no mistakes!” Hughley posted.

Many took to social media to condemn the comment.

“Ignoring the insensitivity of this tweet, the sheer ignorance is mind-blowing. This is disgusting,” one person wrote.

“As a human being you could have more compassion. As a father you could have more heart. As a comedian, you should have a seat,” posted another.

“As if we needed more proof that you aren’t funny,” said another poster.