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Sofa hopefuls pitch tents outside IKEA slated to open Wednesday

CORDOVA, Tenn. -- Bundled up and tents pitched with sights set on taking home a new couch.

"We are going to really rough it out here. They have a facility in the back with a nice trailer, to freshen up. This is it," said Jeannette Summerville.

The rush to make the first 43 has already started. Stephen Schmidt said he got to the store around 6:30 on Monday morning. He’s even tried out the sofa he can’t wait to call his come Wednesday.

"Tent, sleeping bag, pillow, change of clothes, chair. I have everything you could need," said Stephen Schmidt.

The eager IKEA shoppers have been welcomed with open arms.

"Instead of cutting a ribbon, we saw a log under Swedish custom that brings good luck to the home and visitors," said Josh Roth.

Customers with a purpose all camped out for different reasons with the same goal in mind.

"I happened to have the next few days off, figured why not spend them winning a couch," said Monica Verga.

They said Wednesday morning, they’ll be among the few with priceless memories and a free piece of furniture.

"Years down the road, I’ll be able to say I got a couch at IKEA, and I made friends and I was one of the few," added Verga.