Polar bear pets dog in heartwarming video

CHURCHILL, Manitoba — This adorable video will make you smile.

A tour guide in Canada captured a sweet moment between a dog and a polar bear on Nov. 12.

David de Muelles told ABC News he stopped the tour bus at an Eskimo dog sanctuary in Manitoba.

That’s when he spotted a bear petting a dog.

“This big bear had just woken up from a cat nap and stopped right by the dog,” de Muelles said. “The bear then just started gracefully petting the dog like a human.”

“It was incredible to see such a powerful animal be so friendly with such a small dog. Normally, these animals are known as killers,” he said.

Things aren’t always so friendly between the two species on Brian Ladoon’s Mile 5 Dog Sanctuary.

He’s accused of feeding polar bears, a violation of Manitoba’s Endangered Species and Ecosystem Act, CBC News reported on Thursday.