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All in the Eyes: Police find new way to tell if you’re lying

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AKRON, Ohio -- It's all in the eyes. Police in Ohio have found a new way to figure out if you are lying.

"When a person is in a position they have to lie the cognitive load is greatened to the point the personĀ  has to make a decision, do I tell the truth, do I lie. Do I tell the truth, do I lie, and then they have to make the decision the pupil dilates," said Bill Evans of Polytech in Akron.

An Eye Detect picks that up.

"Well it takes about 60 frames per second of your eye during the course of the test," he said.

The new technology can be used for pre-employment screenings or even to catch a criminal.

Evans, who has been administering the traditional lie detector tests for over two decades said Eye Detect is faster and easier to administer. The traditional ones can take two hours or more.

The person taking the Eye Detect test follows directions on a computer. The test takes about 30 minutes.

Shortly afterwards, the results are given to the person who administered the test.

Tests showed Eye Detect is roughly 85 percent accurate on its own. When used with a traditional polygraph that number jumped to 98 percent.