Man shows up bloody at gas station after someone shoots through his window

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Illuminated by the blue of police lights, you could still see where a bullet pierced the driver's side window of a Lexus parked outside a gas station at Watkins and Overton Crossing.

Inside the images were more explicit.

"There was blood everywhere right here."

Adam Sene said he was working behind the counter when the driver pulled up and ran inside.

"I saw him. He was bleeding and sh** and stuff," he said.

His face was covered with blood.

The driver said he was near I-40 and Watkins early Friday morning when someone opened fire.

"He got shot, but the shot it don't go through him. It go through by the window, but the window bust. The glass bust on his face," Sene added.

Bleeding he somehow drove himself to the gas station.

Once he parked his car, he ran inside the gas station for help.

Police have not released the man's name so we have not been able to check on his condition.