Unlocking Your DNA

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WREG's Richard Ransom's "Unlocking Your DNA" segment from Thursday, Nov. 3.

How do I get my DNA tested?

If you're interested in a DNA test, WREG's Richard Ransom and Claudia Barr used "23andMe" which charges $199 for a genetic test that examines your ancestry and health/wellness traits.

Ancestry-only tests are also available for $99.


Another website that is highly recommended is "Ancestry.com" which only helps you find your ancestry information.


Why doesn't the DNA test give information about common diseases like breast or prostate cancer?

That information may someday be a part of direct consumer testing. Until it is approved by the FDA, you can download your genetic information once you've paid for a test and email it to a team of biomedical researchers who will evaluate your DNA genotype for as little as $5.

Your information is kept confidential.

I want to learn a lot more about genetics. Where can I go for information?

The UT Health Science Center in Memphis has a highly respected Department of Genetics, Genomics and Informatics.

imageedit_8_3132146317What if I don't want to pay for a DNA test?

The Tennessee Genealogical Society in Germantown is a great resource. The non-profit organization has all kinds of information to help you find out more about your family history. You may also visit your local library for additional resources.