16-year-old dead, multiple injured following Zodiac Park shooting

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A shooting at Zodiac Park in South Memphis leaves one teen dead and several others recovering.

On Wednesday, WREG's Bridget Chapman spoke with one of the victim's father.

"Our hearts stopped. We broke down, I mean emotionally."

That was Robert Farris' reaction when he heard his daughter was involved in a shooting Tuesday evening.

Her group of friends, ages 16 to 21, went to the Memphis park together for a planned confrontation.

"They were going up to the Zodiac Park to get in a fight. Someone had stolen a cell phone and that's what this was all about," he told WREG.

But police said the other group showed up with guns, wearing bandanas and fired up to 20 shots at them.

They said six people were hit by bullets, with Alana Tello being killed on the scene.

She was only 16-years-old. Her birthday is Thursday.

Alana Tello was shot and killed at Zodiac Park on Tuesday

Alana Tello was shot and killed at Zodiac Park on Tuesday

"Now some precious 16-year-old has lost her life and other individuals were shot and some are fighting for their life and it doesn't make sense," said Memphis Police Director Michael Rallings.

"She was well kinded. She was outspoken. She would've done anything for anybody. Her and her mom and her little brother," said Holly Dean, Alana's friend. "I didn't want it to be Alana. Anyone but Alana."

"If you were having a bad day, you could talk to Alana for about five minutes...about five minutes and you'd change your whole attitude for the day," added Lee Wooley.

As family and friends mourn, police are trying to figure who did this. They said the actions were clearly thought up beforehand.