Violent sex offender accused of messaging 13yo girl on Facebook

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A violent sex offender is back behind bars.

Officers said this time, Terence Davis, 45, pretended to be a teenage boy on Facebook and messaged a young, teenage girl.

State and local agents caught Davis in his South Memphis home during a sweep on Halloween night.

"I told my husband that some police were out here and something happened over there," said Helen Fox, who watched police escort Davis into a squad car. "Next thing I know, they had him, and they was gone with him."

Officers checked on him at his home on Gausco and said they found Facebook downloaded on his cell phone.

They said Davis tried to delete his account and pictures, but it didn't stop them from finding his profile anyway.

On it, they said Davis claimed he was 16-years-old and was messaging a 13-year-old girl.

"Here in the neighborhood, it's upsetting," said James Melvin, who lives down the street.

Parents said Davis' history is more upsetting, because he never served his entire eight-year sentence after a guilty plea in 2009 to two counts of rape.

In 2005, Davis was a manager at a Taco Bell on Frayser Boulevard where he raped a 16-year-old employee.

Then several months later, he sexually assaulted another 16-year-old on her first day of work and tried to follow her home.

Consequently, one of the his victims got pregnant.

No one answered the door at Davis' home.

He is jail on a $50,000 for violating the sex offender registry act.

"I ain't never seen kids over there, but if he was doing it on his phone, you'd never know," said Fox.

Police took Davis' phone as evidence.

He's due in court November 8, where we will get a better idea of the consequences he could face.