Oakhaven family wants answers after loved one shot outside his home

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- An Oakhaven family wants answers after their loved one was shot in front of his home. On Monday, Memphis Police told WREG they are searching for two suspects.

Family and friends identified 30-year-old Christian Rodriguez as the victim in a robbery and shooting early Saturday morning. They claimed Rodriguez only had $6 on him at the time of the robbery.

A shell casing outside the home served as a grime reminder of the violence people on Woodhollow Drive had to live through early Saturday morning.

"Two shots. After those two shots everybody come outside and look and see a couple guys running and there's my friend fighting for his life. He didn't make it," said Robert Bruce, who lives across the street from the shooting.

Family said those two shots took Rodriguez's life right in front of his home.

"Normally it's Monday morning. Chris would be gone to work. His car sitting out here it's kinda weird. Kinda weird to everyone out here," said Bruce.

Bruce said Rodriguez was always willing to help him.

"He's a good friend. We all hang out. We all get along. Too much violence over here."

According to police, Rodriguez was shot during a struggle while two men were robbing him. Monday, several people said Rodriguez had barely any cash on him at the time.

"Ya. $6. Got my friend out of here for $6."

"At first they didn't want to believe it was him. A lot of people doubted it was him," said one man who did not want to be identified.

Family members and long time friends didn't want to show their faces when speaking. They said they were too afraid of retaliation after they said the home has been targeted multiple times in the past.

"Right here there was a truck and they stole a truck that used to be here too," he said.

People who live in the subdivision said this shooting was also alarming because it happened right around the corner from an elementary school.

"Like today is Halloween. I'm scared. I don't know if I'm gonna take my little kids out today," explained Bruce.

With his friend gone, Bruce is hoping for some kind of change to his community he believes is crumbling.

"People can't even sit in their yard without being a target. It's sad."

WREG asked Memphis Police how many times they've been called to the address but we have not heard back.