Violent sex offender caught working at daycare now back on the streets

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A man the state calls a violent sex offender was caught in a van full of children and has even been working at a daycare.

Officers said they watched as Stacy Pratt pulled his car in front of a home Tuesday morning and allowed four juveniles to get in the back without another adult present.

His employer told WREG Pratt was responsible for using her car to take the kids to school.

During this time period, he also did not have the proper identification showing that he's a sex offender, police said.

He was arrested, charged and taken to jail.

"It's sad that adults will not follow that law when comes to children," said Neighbor Kahlid Rashad. "My first question would be do the parents know."

According to state records, Pratt was convicted of criminal sexual conduct in the second-degree from 1998.

"I would see people dropping kids off, in fact I've seen a man dropping kids off but like I said I thought maybe they were just relatives," said Rashad.

So we knocked on the door of where the daycare is, we got no answer.

So we went to Pratt's home address, still no answer.

Kahlid Rashad who lives next to the daycare tells me hearing this is alarming.

"Also not to far from here, there's a school," said Rashad. "A little nerve wrecking that you have sex offenders dropping kids off in this area."

Despite all that, Pratt is back on the streets having been released on bail.