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11 cars at one Whitehaven home upsetting neighbors who wants something done

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- People in one Whitehaven neighborhood are upset. They say eleven cars parked at one home is an eyesore and they want them removed.

The homeowner was issued a violation to clean up their yard, but that didn't happen so ten days later he was summoned for court. However, this wasn't the first time this has happened. There were 15 closed violations dating back to 2013.

"He's turned our neighborhood into a junkyard," said Norman Marshall, Vice President of the Neighborhood Association.

Marshall said he's lived in the neighborhood for 23 years and he has seen several cars at this house for the last 2 to 3 years.

"You can't rent your house if they look down the street and see 15 cars piled up in the yard," said Marshall. "You know crime is coming behind that."

As we were shooting our story, the homeowner, Christopher Branch, came home. He was in Environmental Court Thursday from a court summons issued on October 5 for failure to comply with code orders. We asked him about the code violations.

"I have my bills to pay just like everyone else and this how I pay my bills," said Branch.

Despite several flat tires, Branch told us all his cars are in working condition so I asked if he would consider moving some of the cars to a different location. He said yes.

"When it comes to me and substantial status and providing a home for me and my children, priority come first over a small ordinance," said Branch.

Norman said he just wants the clutter gone.

"Before long people will start leaving," said Marshall. "It's just an eyesore so how can we sell a house or rent when people will be afraid to come here?"

The ordinance states you can only have four cars and they must be parked on the driveway. They can't be parked on the street or in the grass.

Branch has a new court date, set for November 18 at 201 Poplar where he will be facing new charges of contempt of court from a previous court order.