Security on the new Big River Crossing

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- On its third day open, the Big River Crossing is already drawing people from far and wide including Dave Stewart.

The Eurythmics' singer was in Memphis on Monday taking his first steps across the new bridge.

"I didn`t believe it. Somebody said you can walk all the way into Arkansas. And I said, `I`m from England. Do I need a passport?`"

The views are breath-taking, but there's something else notable about the Big River Crossing. More than 40 monitored cameras span the bridge from start to finish.

"I think it's gonna be very safe," said Miles Kovarik. " I think the cameras are definitely a positive."

Others seemed completely oblivious to the tiny eyes in the sky until we pointed them out.

"I don`t know who`s watching the cameras. It wasn`t something that ever occurred to me. I don`t necessarily feel like I need cameras to feel safe," said Sunny Franklin.

We reached out to the Memphis Police Department to ask about the surveillance cameras, but never heard back from them.