Medical marijuana in Tennessee

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — "As a nurse, I didn't expect to see this with medical cannabis, I have seen these patients ween off the drugs and awaken."

That is a Memphis nurse who met with Tennessee lawmaker Jeremy Faison during his recent trip to Colorado.

She is talking about the differences between the quality of life for people who are dying and on drugs to sedate them versus using medical marijuana.

Faison is on a fact-finding mission to find out the truths about medical marijuana.

His trip stemmed from a bill that was signed into law last year that made it legal to use cannabis oil to treat certain conditions.

It was inspired by a young Tennessee girl, Josie Mathes, who has epilepsy. After the bill passed, the family stayed in the state.

During Faison's trip to Colorado he met with Tennesseans who have left their hometowns to be there to reap the benefits of cannabis medically.

This morning he is with us to talk about his recent trip.