Evidence reveals missing liquor store owner might be dead

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The doors were locked and a sign welcoming customers was turned off.

Five Star Wine and Spirits was closed 15 days after the owner disappeared.

"We didn't really know what to think," Danni Nguien said.

People who know Sanjay "Sam" Patel said he is a good guy and loved by many.

"It's a shock. Especially with it being somebody that's literally next door to you and somebody you see everyday," Daniel Brown told WREG.

Patel was last seen with an acquaintance named Marcus Perry.

Perry was found dead in his Bartlett home last Tuesday with a gun in his hand and pointed to his head.

However, the exact cause of Perry's death has not been determined.

"I didn't know he was inside until the police showed up and taped off the place," Mitch Zaretsky said.

"When we found out what happened to Marcus, we were just like 'oh man we hope Sam is okay.' At this point -- it can go either way at this point," Nguien explained.

Police feared it went the wrong way.

Detectives got search warrants to search Perry's phone and his house where investigators found evidence that lead them to believe Patel is dead.

"It definitely bothers me a lot. My prayers and condolences go to their family," Brown said.

No body has been located despite the evidence.

Patel's friends sent him a message, hoping he is okay.

"I really, really hope that you're okay. You're a good man and this shouldn't happen to you," Nguien said.

"I hope the families get a resolution," Zaretsky said.

Patel's family has been notified of the latest developments in the case.