School board members listen as parents air frustrations

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Parents and members of the community came together to air frustrations as Shelby County Schools leaders took notes.

At the first of many meetings, parents said the district had to find teachers who care.

“If you don`t want to be there and you don`t want to teach the students, choose another profession,” said parent Christy Tylman at a meeting at the Cordova Library. “You need to move on.”

Fair treatment amongst all schools was a common concern but wasn`t quite the biggest concern.

“The biggest concern that I heard was the student teacher ratio, that we need to lower the number of teacher to student,” said School Board member Scott McCormick.

McCormick said he`s aware of the problem.

“When you only have one teacher for 26 students that is a strain on the teacher. We can look at help for the teacher.”

The district said they are discussing solutions to the problem, and parents told WREG they`ll hold them to their pledge.

“I`m going to follow up and make sure everything continues to move forward,” said Kady Pickens.

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