Police investigate shooting death of 28-year-old woman in Midtown

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Flowers, bear, and a balloon sit in memory in front of what used to be Bria Isaac's apartment.

Police said the 28-year-old was shot and killed there around 8:30 Saturday night in Midtown.

"The harsh reality of Memphis, given the number of homicides this year, it's not as big of a shock as it should be," said Dirk Hedlund, who lived and works nearby.

Isaac is the 180th homicide victim in Memphis so far this year.

On Monday, detectives were back in the apartment on Monroe Avenue gathering evidence.

Neighbors in the complex told WREG they heard her screaming that night, but said hearing fighting from up there wasn't unusual.

"It doesn't make me very enthusiastic about the area, but I still love it here," said Hedlund.

Neighbors said police were trying to question Isaac's boyfriend about the shooting, who they often see there as well.

But MPD wouldn't confirm that.

They've only said they're working to prevent these senseless killings.

"What are people doing to mitigate it in the future?"

From a gang response team to community outreach, Memphis police said they're working to change the statistics, but noted they can't do it alone.

"The most depressing thing about the situation, whenever I hear about circumstances like this on the news is the generally trifled nature over why somebody pulls a gun and feels compelled to pull the trigger on somebody on something that could've been avoided," said Hedlund.

WREG tried reaching out to the victim's family, but have not yet heard back.