Good Samaritans band together to save trapped woman

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, NJ -- Dash cam video captured the intense moments as several drivers worked to free a woman trapped underneath a car flipped upside down.

"We all just went into action, tried to get it off of her."

Marie Gallagher and her husband were the first of 7 good Samaritans police say banded together to lift the front of the car off the victim.

"Other people started coming and we all kind of like lifted it and then two other people just kind of slid her out from underneath."

At 19, Michael Braunius, who had just left working cutting sod, was the youngest driver to pull over and help.

"At first it was kind of a scramble cause no one really knew what to do but it all just kind of fell into place and we started working together honestly."

Also in the unlikely and impromptu band of heroes was 28-year-old hair dresser and mother of 3 Mignalys Vidal.

"Like I was lifting weight, like I squat down and lift it up."

"Scary and stuff cause the lady was under the car, trying to get her out," she added. "When I let go of the car I was shaking."

Police said without the good Samaritans they would have lost critical time getting the driver medical attention.

Gallagher, who helped despite a severely injured back, said the timing, the teamwork and the strength felt supernatural.

"I mean.. God."