Michigan middle schooler who is biracial says teacher asked him if he was a ‘mutt’

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CENTER LINE, Mich. — A middle school student’s parents are outraged after they said a teacher asked their son, who is biracial, if he was a “mutt.”

The son, 11-year-old Kaden Brown, said his language arts teacher asked him the question in class Wednesday, WJBK reported.

“We were doing our work … and she said I have beautiful curls, and she asked if I’m a mutt. And I asked what does that mean? She said that means if you’re mixed with a whole bunch of different races,” he recalled.

He said another student then started laughing.

“His classmate kind of chuckled as he said, ‘Well I’m black and I’m white.’ The classmate was already laughing at him because he was black and white, mixed culture. He was a ‘mutt’ according to her,” Kaden’s mother, Liane Banks, said.

Both parents met with the school’s assistant principal.

The school said it is investigating “to see what the truth is,” according to Banks, but the family is still waiting to hear back about a resolution.