Parents upset after NAACP proposes ban on charter schools

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The NAACP wants to stop charter schools from expanding and the decision has not been sitting well with many parents here in the Mid-South.

Concerned parents from all over Memphis boarded buses and hit the road.

"They're not representing what we believe in."

They're speaking out against a ban the NAACP is proposing on the expansion of privately managed charter schools.

"Where were they at when our schools was failing and our kids moved on out of high school, can't read -- where was the NAACP then?" asked Sarah Carpenter.

"This may not be the case in Memphis. I want to state that. But in some cases we recognize that we've gone back to more of a segregated environment and we don't have the diversity we were hoping to achieve," said Keith Norman with the Memphis chapter of the NAACP.

Norman said weak oversight of charter schools puts students at risk and public funding at risk if being wasted.

"The real challenge is about municipalities funding and state governments properly funding all school choice so that there doesn't have to be a choice."

"Calling on a national moratorium we think is really misguided and unnecessary," added Mendell Grinter with Campaign for School Equity.

"I believe that parents should have the choice of sending their students to where they want them to attend," said Sheila Nickles.

Norman said both sides need to come together to ensure equal opportunities for achievement in public schools.

"We should work together to find common ground solutions so that all children benefit equitably for the tax system that funds our schools."