Memphis ranks second for accidental child shootings

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis is near the top of another tragic list.

The city ranks second in the nation for accidental child shooting. Only Chicago beats us out for the top spot.

Over a span of two and a half years, there were 19 incidents and four of them resulted in parents having to bury their babies.

Parents like Tara Johnson.

"Devastating. Sad. I never thought this would have happened to me or my child."

Curtis Johnson was 18 when he was killed.

"He was playing with the gun and unintentionally shot my son."

Two weeks away from his high school graduation last year, Johnson died in what police called an accidental shooting.

"My son was ready to go to college and to start his life."

Letara Jones and Cartrail Robertson were two of the four children killed in Memphis over that two and a half year time span.

An Associated Press and USA Today study found there were 699 minors injured across the country due to accidental shootings. Approximately 327 of them were killed.

Experts said these incidents could have been prevented.

"This cable lock pretty much shuts the gun down completely," said one expert.

The cable lock won't allow you to close the gun's slot and you need a key to take it off.

Instructors said you should also lock down the trigger.

"Normally a gun can not be fired unless you squeeze the trigger and that takes away that function for you."

WREG also learned the state of Tennessee ranks number four in the nation for the most accidental child shootings per capita.

Mississippi was number six and Arkansas came in at number 16.