Couple hits multiple stores using child as decoy

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IRVING, TEXAS -- Hair products shoved into a purse again and again.

A Chi flat iron hidden inside of a waist band all while employees at a Texas Armstrong Mcall were diverted.

"She was off filling her purse while he was chatting. The sad thing is that they used the little girl kind of as a pawn."

Jane Levinski is the store manager that could be seen in the surveillance video.

She said the family was friendly.

"They were in a couple of times," she recalled.

But they never bought anything.

"The third time that they came in my employee said, 'Something is wrong.'"

Managers said they noticed the product was flying off the shelves but weren't sure how. That is until they checked the cameras.

"I was sick. You feel like a fool, because here you have chatted and been kind and they've robbed you blind."

More than $1,000 worth on three different occasions.

Officer James McClelland said the trio is known to authorities as they hit possibly seven other stores dating back a year ago.

"There may be many more out there that we don't know about."

Authorities said they are concerned about the child's safety and behavior.

In one video, the little girl was seen taking product off the shelf and handing it to the woman.