All traffic stops logged in St. Francis County

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ST. FRANCIS COUNTY, Ark. -- St. Francis deputies are using new technology to track tickets. The effort comes on the hills of conversations across the country about police and race relations.

The county tracked the stops to find out whether deputies are racial profiling.

"I was little surprised that we were stopping Caucasians almost 2-1 over African Americans," said Sheriff Robert May.

According to the latest census estimates, 53% of people living in St. Francis County, Arkansas are African American. Whites make up about 44% but there's a surprising fact when you look at who's getting pulled over.

"We aren’t targeting a group of people, Caucasians, we are not targeting anyone but if they are out there and they are in violation they are fair game," added May.

In February, the Sheriff's Office rolled a new electronic citation program.

Since then, deputies wrote almost 4,000 citations. About 2700, or 65%, went to white drivers and 1300, or 32%, went to black drivers.

WREG News Channel 3 asked Nate Murray what he thinks about the numbers or if racial profiling's a problem.

"I feel like it’s pretty balanced out. All I can say whoever is in the wrong they should obey the law and then they won’t get stopped."

The report also found men are about twice as likely to get pulled over than woman. The county plans to continue tracking who they are stopping and, just as importantly, why those drivers are being stopped.