93-year-old works at Arkansas haunted house

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BENTON COUNTY, Ark. -- A 93-year-old woman in Benton County, Arkansas has a rather spooky job during the Halloween season.

"I can hear them because they scream so loud."

Mary Lou Williams spends every weekend in October listening to the screams coming from the Ware House of Fear.

"I can't understand people that get so scared and then wanna come to a haunted house."

But she understands the appeal. She's been an actor here for five years.

This year she is playing a woman in a nursing home who was pushed just a little too far.

Mary Lou said she enjoys it because it gives her something to do, but that's not all.

"I'm getting Christmas money."

The pay off is big, but she does it mostly for the entertainment.

"Sometimes I say something different. 'You can bring me all the peas and carrots you want but I'm not gonna eat them.'"