Severson fire victims, firefighters honored

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- On Thursday, the victims of the deadliest fire in Memphis since the 1920s were honored by the children at the John Dustin Buckman Boys and Girls Club.

Last month, 10 family members were killed after an air conditioner cord malfunctioned, sending a South Memphis home on Severson up in flames.

Seven children and three adults were killed in the blaze.

The project was part of National Fire Prevention Week. It's a week set aside to bring awareness to senseless fire loss and educate the public to make sure it doesn't happen.

"Even though they're still grieving they can see that other people care about what they're going through."

14-year-old Lastacia Cloyd and 11-year-old Eddie Blevins are part of the John Dustin Buckman Boys and Girls Club. They were proud to make posters showing love and honor for fire victims and firefighters. Blevins told WREG he has lost a family member and knows it's painful.

"I had went through the experience before that's why I painted those pictures for them," he said.

Veronica Trammell lost her daughter Lakesha Ward and 6-year-old grandson Alonzo Ward in the fire. After much hurt, on Thursday she felt some joy.

"The plaques! Oh my God, mine is gonna hang on my mantle. It's gonna be on my mantle for ever," said Trammell.

At the Boys and Girls Clu,b Trammell had a chance to hug and thank firefighters some on whome responded to the tragedy.

"Every time a tone goes off and we respond on a fire call it brings back those memories and those feelings," said Lt. Curtis Odom.

Joining the Boys and Girls Club  was The Our Fallen Heroes Foundation, started by the wife of Memphis firefighter who died in the line of duty. The goal was to not let any family affected by fatal fires feel alone.

For Trammell it's exactly the support she appreciates.

"I'm holding up with support like this. You can't do anything but hold up. I'm praying for my son-in-law, Mr. Jett. He's taking it so hard, but we gonna stand by. I'm gonna stand by the Collier family, stand by me. We all family," she said.

With Fire Prevention Week, firefighters are reminding people to have working smoke detectors, an escape plan and if there are protection bars on windows make sure they can be released in case of an emergency.