Residents discover racist slurs, gang signs on their vandalized cars

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — You`ve heard the saying everything that glitters isn`t gold and it`s certainly true for all the silver spray paint tagged on cars in the Colonial Acres neighborhood.

“Racist slurs and gang violence signs.”

Not a good way for Ben and Leah Gann to start their Thursday morning.

They were on their way to work when they spotted their brand new car was vandalized.

Leah was so upset she was still shaking hours after the discovery.

“Now I don`t feel safe to park my car on the street. I like to have the security. But now I worry is it going to happen next week?”

No word exactly how many cars were hit but neighbors told WREG they counted more than a dozen.

“They told us they hit all the way from Leatherwood which is a 7 block radius.”

Hours later, officers were still taking reports of vandalized cars.

News Channel 3 was there when Billie Alexin discovered her car was hit.

She was in tears until we told her she wasn`t the only one targeted.

“Now that I know it didn`t just happen to me, I`m more settled. I would be more torn up about it.”

The cars have several different gang names on them so neighbors don`t think this was gang related.

However they did say they think teenagers are most likely to blame.

“Fall break, didn`t have nothing better to do than vandalize property while we`re sleeping getting ready for work.”

The Ganns want whoever targeted their neighborhood caught and they want those to blame to answer why they did it.

“I would ask them why they had it in their hearts to do so such a thing. You don`t know what people are going through- this kind of things sets people back.”