‘Largest gator ever caught alive in Texas’ taken to new home

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Texas -- The owner of a reptile park featuring alligators says he and his staff have captured the largest gator ever caught alive in Texas.

Gary Saurage owns Gator Country in Jefferson County, Texas near Beaumont. He said Wednesday in Liberty County, they caught a gator measuring 13 feet 8 inches and weighing nearly 900 pounds.

Saurge said he received a call from a federal wildlife refuge in Dayton, reporting a gator at the boat ramp.

According to CBS News, the alligator got used to locals gathering on the ramp to crab and clean fish, and decided to stay.

When Saurge's crew arrived it took four people to help tie up the gator. They had to feed him chicken to get him close the rope to make the capture.

"At 13 feet 8 inches long that is an amazing animal. Since we showed up we didn’t kill him. We brought him back alive so he can live his days out at Gator Country, and other folks can enjoy him."

The gator is nameless but the owner says he’ll let the community name him.