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Church burned to the ground months after pastor’s home set on fire

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LAMBERT, Miss. -- Randall Boatner is the pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Lambert.

Overnight, his church burned.

He and his wife Sandy told WREG, in July, it was their car port.

"Our house burned July 16th. Took me forever to not be afraid to go to sleep at night," she said.

Quitman County investigators ruled it arson and the couple moved into the church until repairs on their home were finished. They thought they were done fanning flames but now investigators believe the church may have been intentionally set on fire. The couple feels that someone maybe targeting them.

"The idea, I think was to kill us," said Randall Boatner.

"We've never faced anything like this before," Sandy said. I've faced leukemia and come through it, but never meanness like this."

The couple said nothing shook their spirit quite like seeing all they worked in flames.

"We rounded that corner, saw it still smoking and we started to weep."

Shook but not crushed. Even though the church is gone, church members still gathered to pray not allowing the smoke to destroy their faith.

The couple said they have received an outpouring of support from other ministers all across the United States.