Ads announce reopening of serial killer’s business

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MISSOURI — Someone is promising to reopen an infamous Kansas City serial killer’s business to sell pieces of the murderer’s past.

The online advertisement outraged many who remember the horrors caused by a man once called “The Butcher of Kansas City.”

Serial killer Bob Berdella of Kansas City once sold wares inside a booth in the Westport Flea Market.

This week, someone posted online they are going to reopen what was once called “Bob’s Bazarre Bizarre,” using his name and selling items that belonged to him.

Before Berdella had tortured and killed six men inside his home, he was known in the community as an eccentric man who sold antiques.

But in 1988, Kansas City learned about the horrors that happened inside his home on Charlotte Street. A man broke free from Berdella’s home.

The details of the crimes made his case one of the darkest and most unforgettable in the city’s history.

That history is why so many were outraged when they saw a Facebook post “announcing” the store’s opening.

Westport Flea Market owner Joe Zwillenberg believes the post is a hoax.

“‘You are not doing this, are you? This isn’t happening,'” Zwillenberg said describing the customers who called him. “I said absolutely not.”

He said he attempted to contact those who are promoting the reopening, but has had no luck. For the past 14 years, another owner has used the booth.

“When the movie came out about him (Berdella), they wanted to have the premiere here and we said no out of respect to the victims,” Zwillenberg said. “It’s just not something you need to celebrate.”

All of the phone numbers and Website connected to the Facebook page were not working when KCTV5 clicked or called them.

KCTV5 sent a Facebook message requesting an on camera interview.

“We are not interested in publicity,” someone told KCTV5 in response. “Thank you.”

When KCTV5’s Emily Rittman asked if this was a hoax, there was no response.

Earlier on Wednesday, someone edited the Facebook page to say they would take the name “Bob” out of the business name and just call it “Bazaare Bizarre.”

Berdella died on Oct. 8, 1992.