Singer takes knee while performing National Anthem at NBA game

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A woman performing the National Anthem at a Sacramento Kings game took a knee as a form of protest.

Leah Tysse took a knee toward the end of the song and later posted to Facebook, “I love and honor my country as deeply as anyone yet it is my responsibility as an American to speak up against injustice as it affects my fellow Americans.”

Tysse was posting what she perceives as unjust treatment of minorities by police.

She was invited to sing because the theme of the evening was honoring breast cancer survivors of which she is one.

Some respected the move, while others said it took the focus off the theme of the night.

“It was supposed to be about healing, awareness, and promoting the cause, and promoting helping women. And instead we were talking about something completely different today,” Sonia Susac told KOVR-TV.