Witness: Fight on Facebook spills into the street leaving 3 injured

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police said three people were shot on Jamaica Wednesday afternoon.

According to police, one woman and one man are in non-critical condition, while a third man is in critical condition.

"Yes it was scary. I thought I was gonna get shot."

Moments after the shooting,  17-year-old Sky Harris, holding her 7-month old son Stanley, was thankful. She said she was there when the sound of bullets rang out in the East Memphis neighborhood.

"I can't get shot I got someone to live for right here," she said.

According to Harris, a fight on Facebook between neighbors spilled out onto the streets. Police told WREG people were shot but did not say how old they were.

The echoes of gunfire have been heard all across Memphis over the last 48 hours. There have been more than a dozen shootings.

"People do know when conflicts are arising," said Delvin Lane.

Lane is with the 901 Bloc Squad. They focus on fighting crime in the neighborhood and lately they've been focusing on parts of South Memphis, Frayser and the Mount Moriah corridor.

Lane said we've seen an increase in violence because people in certain neighborhoods aren't doing enough to prevent fights from starting in the first place.

"The police can only be reactionary in a lot of cases, but the community members know what's going on. The family members are in these households where conflicts are arising and they need mediation," he said.

Lane isn't working alone.

On Wednesday, Safeways, a non-profit that promotes safe housing, gave a presentation to property managers about handling violence.

"With shots being fired, assaults and domestic violence, how to respond to those situations," said Managing Director Janine Heiner Buchanan.

While there's multiple groups working to curb and fight crime, Harris said after the shooting she's learned a way too.

"Stay away from fights because you never know what it can lead to."

Police said no one in the shooting is in custody.