Family of murdered Orange Mound woman wants person responsible caught

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A family wants the person who killed their loved one to step forward.

"I pray that your conscience eats you up in such a way that you would identify that you’ve done wrong," said Allen Richardson, who is the victim's brother.

Family identified the woman killed in a shooting in Orange Mound just before midnight on Tuesday as 53-year-old Telessa "Lisa" Cain.

Bullet holes in a nearby fence showed how one ride down Douglass Street towards Haynes Street ended.

"You’ve taken a mother, a sister, a friend. You took a great person out of here," said Richardson.

Richardson said he still cringes at the thought of how police told him things played out.

He's not sure where his sister was headed but according to investigators, she was being trailed by a car when another pulled up beside her car and started shooting.

Investigators returned to the scene to pick up shell casings, but family members still had questions about the last moments of their loved one's life.

Police said the other person in the car with Cain tried to rush her to David Street to get help and call 911. Despite the effort, she later died.

Neighbors who knew Cain said there's a bigger issue at hand and they want the violence and blood shed to stop.

"It looks like it's just black on black. They don’t have any respect or remorse for life," said Oliver Harrell.

Richardson, a reverend, paced the scene unable to fathom how he will muster up the strength to bury his baby sister. For Cain's family, news of the murder is like pouring salt in an old wound, reminding them of another murder in their family years ago.

"We lost the baby boy 17 years ago, then to lose the baby girl... there are no words to say," added Richardson.

Out of 16 siblings, the family said only 14 now remain. Two lives were cut short by violence.

A suspect or motive has not been named in this crime.

If you know anything, call CrimeStoppers at (901) 528-CASH.