Stolen guns on the street after bold, broad daylight burglary

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Crime Alert has been issued for the Crosstown community where more stolen guns are on the streets and in the hands of criminals. Memphis Police are searching for thieves who broke into a home on Forrest.

Investigators are trying to track down two handguns taken by some bold burglars. They broke into the home, in a busy neighborhood, in broad daylight.

"The bottom line is this your home. You have a right to be safe and comfortable in your home without someone coming, trying to take what you worked for."

Recently that right was stolen from a Crosstown homeowner. The homeowner didn't feel comfortable showing his face for fear the burglars could return.

The victim told police his wife arrived home a little after 11 a.m. last Monday when she noticed a back door and window had been pried open.

The thieves had ransacked the place. They made off with a collection of old and rare money, jewelry, shoes and two handguns.

"I hate that the guns is out there, but they broke in my home and took them," he said.

"We still trying to go through everything to figure out what else may be missing."

The homeowner said the reason he had the guns in the first place was to hopefully prevent situations like this.

"You gotta protect yourself. There's people out there doing bad things."

The victim said he's thankful no one was hurt.

"Materials can be replaced. Yeah I'm upset. I'm just glad everything wasn't worse than it was."

Neighbors WREG's Shay Arthur talked to said they always try to stay vigilant.

They use the cellphone and computer application "Nextdoor" to communicate and track crime in their subdivision.

This victim said he plans to stay on alert.

"Just watch out for each other. You pretty much know the people on your block. If you see something strange call it in."

If you have any information give Memphis Police a call.