Multiple shootings in less than 24 hours has Memphians on edge

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- In 24 hours WREG counted at least 10 people shot in the city of Memphis, three of those shootings resulted in fatalities. The homicide counts so far this year according to Memphis Police is 174. The shootings were spread out all over the city

"I said 'Come on ya'll because they may try to run in the door.' By that time we closed the door and heard the gunshots."

Jeanette Johnson missed a shooting in front of her Frayser home on Ryan last night by seconds.

Memphis Police said one man was sent to the hospital, but he certainly wasn't the only one who has fallen victim to gun violence in the past 24 hours.


In that time period alone, there have been seven shooting. You can see for yourself--they're not specific to one area.

Each crime affecting the families who live in the zip codes differently.

"My husband and I just about 70-years-old. We bought and paid. We can't even sit on the porch," said Johnson.

On Tuesday, she told WREG's Shay Arthur while last nights shooting was too close for comfort, she's sadly gotten used to it.

"You said you hit the floor when you heard the gunshots?" asked Arthur.

"Yes. We always do. Tell everybody hit the floor," she said. "At least 2-3 times a week."

"It's heartbreaking. This is my city."

Jimmy Chambers is a Gang Investigator with the District Attorney's Office. He also runs Camp Chambers--a program to help troubled kids get their life on track.

While he said it's hard to tell what's causing the violence, he believes parents need to get involved early and told WREG community policing is important too.

"If you out in the neighborhood like I am you can almost always tell what's going on and when it's about to happen if you're in the neighborhood."

Johnson is just hoping for change.

"Like I told the detective, we need help out here. We need help," she said.