“Hi Walter” video has woman wondering if her missing daughter is tied up in it

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Source: YouTube

ANTIGO, WI — A Wisconsin woman is wondering if a woman seen tied up on a popular YouTube video is her missing daughter.

The video posted seven years ago has recently gone viral garnering more than a million views in a few months.

The video is titled, “Hi Walter! I got a new gf!”

In the video, a man says he met his new girlfriend at the mall, and they went shopping.

Toward the end, the man moves to what appears to be a basement and opens a door.

A woman can be seen on the floor tied up and screaming.

The video was posted two months after Kayla Berg disappeared.

Her mother wonders if he daughter is the woman on the tape because she resembles her.

“The clothing could be a big possibility,” she said. “We do believe she was wearing that type of shirt; we know she had jeans,” Hope Sprenger told WAOW-TV.

Police also think the woman looks like Berg, but they also wonder if the video is a fake.

WARNING: You may find this video disturbing